Corsican Mint (Mentha Requenii) – currently one of our best selling herbs.

Corsican Mint (also known as Rock Mint) has been one of our best selling herb over the last month.

Mentha requenii

Cosican Mint (mentha requenii) is a creeping mat-forming mint with very small rounded leaves and tiny mauve flowers in summer.It is a hardy evergreen perennial, and grows to a height of approx 1 – 2 ” but will spread indefinitely.  It is a native plant to Corsica, Sardinia and France.

It grows best in damp shady conditions but must not become waterlogged.  It is suitable for planting between paving or in cracks in rocks, as it will tolerate light foot traffic. Treading on the leaves will release its strong peppermint scent.

This plant is also used in cuisine, most famously as the flavoring in creme de menthe – a mint flavoured alcoholic beverage. It is sometimes said to have a scent similar to pennyroyal.  When grown as a companion plant to brassica plants, Corsican Mint will  repel certain pests by masking the smell of the crop plants.

It is a useful landscaping and groundcover plant, and is ideal for situations such as paving slabs on a low lying piece of bare ground.

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