Autumn in the Herb Garden

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Take the opportunity of any fine autumn days to prepare the herb garden for winter. Protect some plants, discard others, and plan for next season. Herbs are wonderful plants in their own right. Make space in your garden for a few more.Autumn leaves in the herb garden

Clear up dead flowers, leaves and any annuals and second year biennials that have finished flowering. Compost this material.

Take tender herbs under cover. These include scented pelargoniums (geraniums), balm of Gilead, lemon grass, lemon verbena, pineapple sage and French lavender.

Fork over bare soil and mulch with leafmould where possible. Green waste compost is also suitable for winter mulching.

Flick wet leaves off low-growing herbs. Plants will rot if covered by a soggy layer of fallen leaves.

Dig up small herb plants or divide large ones, pot them up in compost, and bring them indoors to provide your household with fresh herbs through the winter months. Locate them where they will receive strong direct sunlight or place them under “cool white” fluorescent lights.
Water regularly but do not over water.

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