Lovage – Plant of the Month

Lovage (Levisticum officinale)

Lovage is a tall perennial herbaceous plant, and is the sole species in the Levisticum genus. It originates in Italy and was brought to Britain by the Romans.  Also known as Sea Parsley or Love Parsley.

Levisticum officinalelovage

It is a very hardy plant, growing to a height of  1.8 – 2.5 mtrs although does not reach its full size until 3 – 5 years.  It has glossy, deeply divided leaves with a celery like scent and flavour. Umbels of small creamy yellow flowers are produced in summer followed by seed heads.

Lovage has a wide range of culinary uses  –

Here are just a few

  • Leaves used to make a Lovage soup
  • Used to add flavour to stews or meat, fish or vegetable dishes (flavour like celery)
  • Young shoots and stems can be eaten as a vegetable (like celery)
  • Roots can be eaten as a vegetable or grated raw into salads
  • Add chopped leaves to salads or stuffings
  • Stir leaves into omlettes or scrambled egg.

Medicinal uses include:-

  • Lovage tea used as an antiseptic or for rheumatism
  • Taken internally for digestive disorders, colic, and kidney stones
  • As a diruetic

Lovage thrives best in a rich moist soil (but not waterlogged) and in a sunny or partially shaded position.

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