New Herbs in Stock – Greek Oregano and Wood Sage

New Herbs in stock this week.

Greek Oregano    A good culinary variety of Oregano with a more intense flavour than regular oregano.  Greek Oregano is a fully hardy perennial, with white flowers, and is a good plant for bees and butterflies. Greek Oregano is native to Greece and prefers free draining soils in an open sunny position. Frost resistant but drought tender.

greek oregano

Most herb lovers agree that Greek oregano is the most flavourfull, but until recently, it was used mainly as a medicinal herb.



Wood Sage  A hardy medicinal plant with properties including wound healing, blood disorders and skin disease. Also known as Woodland Germander, it is a native European plant which grows in semi shade or sun.. Wood Sage is prefers sandy soils, and is suitable for coastal areas.

wood sageWood Sage was traditonally used like Alecost for flavouring ale before the introduction of Hops.

Unlike other sages, Wood Sage has very little scent and so has little value as a herb in cooking. It can be found on sand dunes, heaths and coastal cliffs, and along dry woodland rides, preferring acidic soils.

Upright spikes of straw-coloured flowers can be seen from July to September and its plentiful seed provides food for many birds.

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