Ornamental Grasses now available

Here at The Herb Patch we are now stocking a range of ornamental grasses. 

Autumn garden of ornamental grasses

Ornamental Grasses can play a part in most gardens, providing all year round interest, whilst having low maintenance requirements.  There  are grasses  suitable for damp and dry soils, and for sunny or shady locations.  They also perform well in containers and provide a good contrast to other flowering plants or against a wall or fence and are good for softening any hard landscaping.

Ponytails grass

Many grasses are useful in the cutting garden, where the heads can be useful in flower arranging.  Ideal for sensory gardens, where you’ll be able to hear the breeze whispering through the taller varieties, the shorter types can also make an inspirational container planting.  Grasses will add another level of interest in your garden all year round.  In spring, the new growth gives vibrant shades of green, which in autumn, turn to an assortment of reds, orange and yellow. In the depths of winter, when snow covers the garden, grasses break up the barren landscape, and add more texture and dimension.grasses winter


The varieties we currently offer are all evergreen and hardy, requiring only a quick tidy up and removal of any dead material, usually best done in the spring.

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