Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta)

About Calamint Plants

Calamintha nepeta

Lesser Calamint

Calamint plants are thick stemmed, bushy herbs that form dense clumps with woody flower stems. The leaves are heavily veined and highly textured, many sporting ridges and most with hairy to fuzzy foliage.

Flowers are two-lipped slender tubes in hues that range from purple to lavender pink or cream. The flowering period is from mid summer to early autumn.

How to Use Lesser Calamint

This has long been a medicinal herb with uses ranging from topical to endemic. The high menthol content of the leaves makes it a perfect poultice for bruises and contusions, as well as a rub for bronchial issues. It is not wise to handle or use the herb if you are pregnant.

But how to use calamint in seasoning? Traditionally, the herb has been used to flavour meats, but the variety dictates the flavour profile. Some more closely resemble thyme, while others are similar to zingy basil.

Calamint plants are attractive to butterflies and bees and dry well as an addition to potpourri. Dry the leaves for a refreshing hot or cold tea. This versatile plant will become one of your favourites for its carefree nature, beauty and usefulness.

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