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Herb Growing Guidesgrowing herbs

Where should I grow my herbs?

Most herbs are relatively easy to grow, however there are some basic rules to remember.

Herbs which originate from Mediterranean regions such as thyme, lavender, rosemary, sage and oregano grow best in a sunny positions in a free draining soil. If the soil is poor then rosemary may require some feeding, however other herbs will grow quite happily. Thyme especially grows best in a poor soil.

Herbs that will tolerate wetter conditions (not waterlogged) include mints, chives, lovage, angelica and horseradish.

Mints and other creeping herbs are best prevented from spreading by planting into containers such as buckets, old sinks or large troughs.

Basils are tender annual herbs which are best grown indoors (especially up here in the north!) in a sunny position such as a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill.

Indoor Herbs

Many culinary herbs can be grown indoors, however they may not reach their full growth potential due to the restrictions of a small pot. Indoor herbs will need a sunny windowsill, and a pot of at least 6”. Water regularly but sparingly as herbs do not like sitting waterlogged. Regular cutting will encourage growth, but do not cut more than one third of the plants foliage.

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