Herb Nursery

The Herb Nursery

The Herb Patch is a small family run nursery, specialising in producing a wide range of herb plants including culinary, medicinal and aromatic varieties. We aim to grow many of the more unusual and difficult to find plants.

All our plants are grown in a peat free compost, as we believe in supporting the move to reduce peat use in gardens, which leads to depletion of natural peat bogs and the increasingly rare plants and animals which live there.
The peat free compost which we use is made from recycled, renewable resources such as composted bark, timber residues and green waste with added organic plant nutrients including seaweed meal.

 Herb Plants growing at The Herb Patch

Most of our plants are grown from seed or produced from cuttings taken from stock plants. Plants are started off in plug trays on heated beds, after which they are potted into 9cm pots and grown on in the unheated polytunnels.

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