Herb Plants

At The Herb Patch we grow a wide variety of culinary, medicinal and aromatic herb plants including many of the more unusual and difficult to find plants.

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Herb plants

Selection of herb plants

We grow our herb  plants in unheated poly tunnels and without artificial fertilisers or pesticides.  This produces plants with stronger root systems which will grow on faster when planted out in your garden.  

The plants are grown in 3″ pots, which are then removed before packing and postage.  This enables easier packing whilst also helping to keep postage cost as low as possible.  Disturbance of the root ball also helps further root development and plant growth after planting out.



Our herb plants are sorted into the following categories to help with your ordering.

Perennial Herbs

Annuals and Biennials

Culinary Herbs

Medicinal Herbs

Plants for pollinators

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